Frequently Asked Questions

Chances are this is your first time planning a wedding reception, and your first time having to select wedding entertainment.   Knowing what to ask as you begin your quest to find great quality entertainment.    Remember, 80% of your reception’s success will be based on the entertainment you choose for your reception.   They won’t remember the food, the flowers, or the centerpieces, but they will remember the atmosphere.    Make sure your guests have FUN, by choosing the right entertainment.

Imagine your guests still celebrating with you a midnight and beyond, & saying, “Wow, that was a FUN reception!”

No matter who you choose for entertainment, I urge you to ask a ton of questions before making any decisions.  Here are some questions that you should ask of any company you are considering.   Print the complete list and use it as a reference:

What time will your DJ arrive to set up?
We are always there and set up at least an hour before the 1st guests arrive.
How much experience do they have at weddings? (Look for at least 5 years)
I have been doing wedding entertainment exclusively for 21 years!
Can you meet with them before you sign a contract?
Yes, I highly encourage you to meet face to face before signing a contract
When do you meet with the specific DJ doing your reception?
I will be your DJ, Ed Eaton, with 21 years experience, and you work/meet with me from day one before signing the contract, and as many times as you would like during the planning.
Do they provide back up equipment?  Where is it located?
We always have back up equipment, everything from CD’s to our systems, speakers, cables etc, all on-site and always ready to go!  There are no do-overs to an event!
Do they have a back up DJ plan in the event of sickness etc?
Yes, we always have another person on call in case of emergencies, and have never missed an event, EVER!
How much input do you have in selecting the music?
You can choose as much of the music as you would like for your reception using our reception planning forms, though we recommend picking 10-15 of your most favorite songs, you have as much control as you would like
Can your guests make requests?
We highly encourage requests, it will get the guests engaged, and we try to play them within 2-3 songs of when they are requested.
What will they wear to your reception?
We perform at your reception, in formal attire, typically dress pants, dress shirt, with a tie, unless otherwise specified.
Can they provide reviews or references?
Yes, please check out our weddingwire reviews online
Can they provide specific examples of how they will insure the success of your reception?
Schedule a consultation with us, and you will be amazed and inspired by all of our ideas for your reception!
Are there any travel fees involved?
No, there are no travel fees anywhere in Wisconsin!
Will they provide dinner music & provide direction during dinner & cocktails?
Yes, the Premier and Unlimited packages both include music and direction during the cocktail and/or dinner hours.

Your reception is so much more than just music, Let’s schedule a time to meet and discuss the details of your reception, we will address all of these questions, and a whole lot more, including creative ways for a fun reception!

As you talk to different companies on the phone and via email, ask to schedule an appointment to meet your specific DJ before signing a contract, anyone who won’t is a red flag.