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Your wedding celebration is a once-in-a-lifetime event.   We will listen to you, and you have as much control over the music as you would like.  We encourage requests, as well as adhering to your do not playlist. 

Are you looking for a particular song?   Our music library spans more than 7 decades, with more than 72,000 songs.   Our music is updated monthly with all of the new hits.   Whether you are looking for a first dance, father/daughter dance or other feature dance, you can find it here.

Reception Song Ideas:
Father/Daughter Dance Ideas    Mother/Son Dance Ideas
Grand March Song Ideas           Bridal Party Song Ideas
Cake Cutting Song Ideas           Bouquet Toss Song Ideas
Garter Toss Song Ideas            First Dance Song Ideas
Parents Dance Ideas                Bride/Brother Song Ideas
Top Old School/90′s Songs
Wedding Ceremony Song Ideas:
Wedding Processional Song Ideas
Song Ideas For a Ceremony Interlude & Recessional
Song Ideas For A Ceremony Recessional
Candle Lighting Song Ideas
Song Selection Tips & Music Planning Tips:
Tips For Selecting The Perfect Father/Daughter Dance
Tips For Choosing The Perfect Songs For Your Ceremony
Took Ballroom Dancing Lessons?  First Dance Waltz Ideas For Your Wedding
Song Ideas For A Christian Wedding Ceremony
Song Ideas For A Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Should you have a Mother/Son Dance if there is no Father/Daughter Dance? 

Give us a call today, 920-420-5929, and let’s set up a time to meet, we will share with you a ton of ideas to make your reception F-U-N for everyone, or check date availability here

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