WOW Factor!

How do you want your guests to remember your wedding reception?


Every couple wants their guests to rave about their reception for months & years to come!    You need to WOW them, surprise them, & engage them!

Personalized Voice Overs During Your Feature Dances

Parent Dance Thank You
Do you have a special relationship with Mom and/or Dad? Do you desire to something special for them? What a better to surprise them, than with a personalized thank you during your parents dance. They will cherish their dance with you as you really personalize it, and make it special. Watch their reaction!
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This bride had a very special relationship with her mom, and wanted to express thanks with a custom voice over!   Very moving & emotional!
First Dance Love Story
So many couples have a story to tell, all of your guests know why they have come to your reception, but they may not know the details of how you met, or fell in love, or details about the proposal, Share your love story in your own words, custom edited into your first dance. Watch your guests be captivated!
First Dance Vows
The wedding vows that you exchange on your wedding day are special & something that you will cherish for the rest of your life. We can record your wedding vows and remix them into your first dance to fit perfectly.
Viral Remixes of Your First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, or Bridal Party Dance

Instead of doing a standard first dance, father/daughter dance, or bridal party dance, give your guests an element of surprise with a viral song remix.   Your guests will be engaged, and go nuts cheering!

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Slide Shows and/or Personalized Music Selections During Dinner

Don’t just opt for the standard Kenny G, Jazz favorites, Piano or Classical During dinner.  Sit down with your fiance, and put together a list of some of your favorite artists & songs.   Your guests will be surprised, and excited to have something different, and it will certainly show off your personalities and ecclectic styles!

Create some excitement during dinner with a personalized Slide Show.  We can create a moving picture montage set to music, and all of the equipment to present the slide show is included at no extra charge.   Check out some examples below:

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