Slide Show Montages

Create some excitement during dinner with a personalized video montage. ¬†We can create a moving picture montage set to music, and all of the equipment to present the slide show is included at no extra charge. Slide show montages are a great way to engage the guests during dinner or cocktail hour, and can be shown once at announced time generally post dinner before the dance begins, or set on a loop and played throughout either the cocktail and/or dinner hour(s). Video montages are included as part of the “Elegance wedding package” or as a stand alone option.

It’s simple & easy. We realize you are busy. All you need to do is submit the pictures either raw printed pics, or in any digital format, and then let us take care of the rest. The finished product is a beautiful themed design with all of the pictures moving on the screen to music. The pictures are never static!

Check out some examples below: