10 Fun Ways To Engage Guests at Your Reception


Fun Ways to Engage Guests at Your Reception

We’ve got several fun ways to engage your guests at a wedding reception. How often have you gone to a wedding reception and you were bored? We hear this more often than not when we initially meet with brides. Guests will leave your reception early if they don’t feel engaged in the night’s activities, and event.

You know everyone that you have invited, but they come from all chapters of your life, so they may not know each other. An excellent way to engage your guests is through icebreakers, and I don’t mean doing “cheesy” stuff!” Icebreakers will keep your guests focused, having fun & feeling engaged in what is going on, which will lead to a FUN, memorable night!

Here are 9 Fun Ways to engage your guests at a wedding reception that can spice up the night and leave guests raving about how much fun they had at your reception.

1.) Roll the Dice:
Here’s a fun twist to the familiar tapping forks against glasses to see the bride and groom kiss.
– Have people pair off at their tables, and between dances and courses, each couple must roll a pair of dice once. If they roll an even number, then the bride and groom kiss…but if they roll an odd number, the rollers must kiss!

2.) Wedding Couple Trivia:
Before the meal is served, Have questions about you and your new spouse written down ahead of time on cards. (Based on the tolerance level of those invited, questions can be serious or even racy.) Each question should pertain to you, your spouse or both of you:
– Where you met, where your first kiss was, what’s your favorite ice cream flavor, etc..
– Have your DJ, select a guest to answer the first question. If the guest answers correctly, he or she then steps up to the microphone to call on the next guest, and so on.

2a.) Wedding Couple Trivia: BUFFET EDITION
Follow the same steps as the above activity, but those who correctly answer the questions get access to the food buffet table. Choose the table who answers the question first to get to go up to fill their plate.

3.) Counting For Flowers:
Instead of tossing the bouquet to the bridesmaids, set up a jar of marbles in colors that match the wedding reception decor. Make an announcement during speech time that each unmarried female attendee must guess how many marbles are in the jar. The guests should write down their answers on their name placement cards. At the end of the evening, collect the answers and determine the winner, who is then presented with the bouquet.

4.) Musical Chairs:
Play this game the traditional way–the disc jockey or band plays a tune, then stops suddenly. Guests then try to quickly find a seat. Each table of guests should be short one chair. In this way, after each round, one person will be out at each table. When only one person is left at each table, he or she wins the table centerpiece.

5.) Roman Hands and Russian Fingers:
This game is guaranteed to get the men in the audience chuckling. The bride is blindfolded while the best man places three small clips somewhere on the groom’s body. These should be in difficult-to-find places, such as the groom’s shoelaces or the back of his head. The blindfolded bride must then find each of the clips with her hands. To make this game even more interactive and fun, allow guests to call out “warmer!” or “colder!” as the bride’s fumbling hands get closer to or farther away from a clip.

6.) Scavenger Hunt
This wedding reception game calls for one volunteer per table. Have a few items hidden in various places within the reception hall. The DJ or master of ceremonies then calls out the item, and the table volunteers rush to find the item. This can be quite hilarious as guests climb under tables or rush past one another to find the item. The guest who finds the most items wins a special prize! This also works really well with the bridal party, and ideally done after dinner, right before the first dance.

7.) Battle of the Sexes
During dinner or shortly after invite the bride and groom up to select team, guys against girls, then guys race against the girls in the “Association Game.” They go head to head identifying anything that is associated with a certain word, for example, a “Wedding” or “the Weekend.” If either one stumbles or can’t think of a word, they are out of the game.

8) Bridal Scramble
This is one of our favorites that can be done while your guests are eating dinner or waiting for the festivities to begin. Each table contains paper and pens with puzzle scrambles on them, and the guests at the table need to solve each scrambled word. The DJ can make it even more fun by putting the scrambled words on a video screen. Prizes can be given for the quickest descrambler, or the first one to bring you their words unscrambled.

9) Photo Race

As you finish up your dinner, typically couples walk from table to table for a short chat, thank you's etc. It always fun to break the ice with a fun photo race around the room. The photographer will start at one end with you and you move from table to table quickly getting your picture taken with each table. The DJ often sets the music to "Mission Impossible" or some other upbeat song. Tons of fun!

10) Fun Photo Booth

What's by far the best way to engage? A fun photo booth. Some guests don't dance, some won't dance, and most of your guests want to be involved from the beginning, so they don't feel left out. A photo booth accomplishes this. We often will open the photo booth during the cocktail hour - then close it for dinner then reopen it for the reception dance. Tons of fun!

All of these ideas are great ways to engage your guests in the evening at your wedding celebration, and help them feel a part of your special day. Your DJ should provide several examples and ideas for a FUN reception!

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