16 Alternatives to Glass Clinking at Your Wedding Reception


Alternatives to Clinking Glass at a Wedding

Each week we sit down with couples at their final planning meeting and are constantly asked over and over as to what are some good alternatives to clinking glass at a wedding in Wisconsin. Couples are looking to be different. Back in 2008, we blogged about some alternatives and provided some insight, and have since created a longer list of ideas. Couples that are considering something different, we have some thoughts:

1. Use bells instead of glasses

2. Have other couples demonstrate a kiss and you will replicate the kiss AKA- “Mirror a Kiss”

3. Set up some hula hoops and make couples hula hoop for a kiss

4. Putt for a kiss

5. Wii for a kiss- Set up the Wii and make them bowl, or shoot for a kiss

6. Share your favorite story or memory

7. Donate to charity

8. Draw guests names out of a bowl and have them kiss

9. Answer a trivia question about the bride/groom

10. Have them sing a song with love in the title

11. Have guests offer wedding advice

12. Recite or create a poem (write it with markers on paper, so you have it for the wedding album later.)

13. Kiss once and be done with it

14. Put instructions inside a balloon, and have guests pop one, and follow the instructions inside

15. Create a game called “Are you smarter than the Bride/Groom?” Modeled after the TV show “Are you Smarter than a 5th grader?”

16. Have guests “spin a wheel” or roll “wedding dice” whatever it lands on, they have to do

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