7 Tips For an Effective Wedding Toast


7 Tips For An Effective Wedding Speech

Did you know the number one fear of American’s is the fear of public speaking? We have some tips that will ease the stress as your best man and maid of honor prepare for their speeches.

Some simple public speaking tips will help you deliver a memorable wedding speech or wedding toast. The following are 7 tips for effectively presenting a wedding toast:

1. Be familiar with your space.

Upon arriving at the event, check the room prior to your speech. If you are planning on using a microphone, be sure to test it to make sure the volume is right. Test any other equipment, such as a projector.

2. Stand with confidence.

After you’re introduced, approach the audience confidently.

3. Create your space.

If you’re speaking from a podium or dinner table, set your notes down. Adjust the microphone so that it points to your mouth, plant your feet firmly, take a breath and look up. If you’re speaking without a podium, walk to where you want to stand, plant your feet and take a breath. Look at the bride and groom and the rest of the room, take another breath then begin your speech. Proper placement of the microphone should be approximately 1-2 inches off of your mouth. Too low and your voice will not be picked up, too close and your voice will be muffled.

4. Connect with your audience.

Select guests to focus on. Instead of attempting to address the audience as a whole, selectively speak to various individuals. Establish eye contact for 5 to 7 seconds then focus on someone else and repeat the process.

5. Speak from notes or memory.

Don’t read your entire speech from cards, or stare at a PowerPoint presentation you’ve created. The goal is to communicate a message to the happy couple.

6. Hold a conversation.

Speak as though you are holding a conversation. Remember that it’s a wedding speech and not a lecture, so speak naturally. Use images and terms that the guests understand.

7. Be yourself.

If you have a good sense of humor, use it. If you’re a wonderful storyteller, tell a story. Never try to imitate another speaker, be too unique or interesting. If you make a mistake, then apologize, laugh it off and move on. The wedding guests will appreciate your humility.

Use these simple public speaking tips to deliver a memorable wedding speech or wedding toast.

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