Alternatives To a Unity Candle at Your Wedding


Unity Candle Alternatives

Are you having an outdoor wedding ceremony outside? Traditional Unity candles can difficult to light in the wind, and weather. Why not consider some unity candle alternatives for your wedding celebration.

Whether you’re the traditional, artistic or eco-friendly type of couple, you can choose an alternative that suits your personality and style. Or use your imagination and create your own original unity ritual. This will make for a truly one-of-a-kind wedding you and your guests will remember long after the day is through.

Flower Ceremony

Flowers are also used as a substitute to candles in a unity ceremony. Typically, the bride and groom will each have a unique flower to represent them; colored roses are a popular choice. The flowers are placed in separate vases at opposites sides of the wedding altar. During the ceremony, the bride and groom retrieve their individual flowers and place them together in a vase at the center of the al

Sand Ceremony

The bride and groom each holds a small container of colored sand (use different colors for the bride and groom). They will then pour the sand in a larger container at the same time, so the colors are thoroughly mixed. From here, it is impossible to separate the sand mixture into the two distinct colors again.This signifies the eternal union of two individuals’ lives, as well as the joining together of their families and cultures.

Unity Drink

Like the sand ceremony, the bride and groom each holds a glass of wine or water in different colors, which are then mixed into a third container. For the wine ceremony, the couple takes a sip from the wine mixture. For the water ceremony, make sure to test the colored water combination beforehand, so you can see which color mixture looks good. Check for taste as well to avoid being surprised by a nasty tang during the ceremony.

Artistic Expression

Channel your creativity into art to symbolize your marital union. Prepare a canvas, a couple of paintbrushes and paint. You can use multicolored paint or opt for only two different colors to represent each individual. During the unity ceremony, the bride and groom paints their own masterpiece, in whatever design they choose. This can serve as home decor and can eventually become a family heirloom.

United in Green

Eco-conscious couples can get a tree in a decorative pot pre-wedding. During the unity ceremony, bride and groom waters the tree using two individual containers. The mixing of the water in the tree roots symbolizes their union. The nature-lovers can then opt to plant the tree in their own garden, to serve as a reminder of their special day and of nurturing a new family together.

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