Fun Bouquet + Garter Toss Ideas


Fun Bouquet + Garter Toss Ideas

There are a ton of different ways you can do the “Traditional” bouquet + garter tosses, here are some fun bouquet and garter toss ideas. You just need to find an idea that is a true reflection of your personality, whether you are outgoing, reserved, have a lot of single ladies at your reception, or not, we’ve got some great ideas to share with you.

Multiple Winners

Involve more of your guests, by inviting each of your groomsmen to throw one as well. It’s gets more involved, and you have multiple people winning!

Drinks are on Me

Are you planning a cash bar at your reception? Attach “Free Drink” tickets to the bouquet for added enjoyment among the single ladies when you toss the bouquet.

Bouquet Toss/Garter Toss Alternative

Instead of throwing the traditional bouquet and garter, present the bouquet to the longest married couple during the anniversary dance, and give the Garter to the couple that most recently got married.

Skip the Garter Removal

Instead of the traditional removal of the garter, especially for classy/elegant style weddings, just do the toss without the pop and circumstance of the removal.

Hidden Items Removal

Get creative, and if you have the right FUN personality, as you are doing the removal of the garter, have several other items secretly hidden under the brides dress which need to first be removed, examples could include, a chicken, oversized undergarments, a wrench, well anything, then finally the garter.

The NFL Toss

Are you a big football fan? Do you have a themed wedding celebration? Either way, this one is sure to be a hit amongst the groomsmen. Have a small autographed football, signed by all of the groomsmen and the bride/groom. Then have the DJ play the Monday Night football theme, attach the garter to the football, and do a football toss to the groomsmen for the toss!

The sky is the limit, when it comes to fun bouquet + garter toss ideas, but whether you choose to one of these bouquet + garter toss ideas, or implement something else, plan to be creative in finding the perfect bouquet + garter toss ideas!

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