Fun DJs at The Abbey, Fontana WI | Josh & Natalie


Fun DJs at The Abbey, Fontana, WI

What a gorgeous afternoon for Josh & Natalie's wedding celebration at the Abbey in Fontana, WI. They tied the knot with family & friends including Josh's friend, Kyle Puckhaber doing the officiating for their celebration in front of the Gazebo on the lawn at The Abbey. Rachel and her crew were fantastic to work with for their reception celebration inside the tent on August 11th.

Ceremony Song Highlights:

  • Grandparents/Parents seated: The Elkder Scrolls III: Morrowind - Nerevar Rising
  • Bridesmaid Processional: Forever- VSQ
  • Bride Processional: Beethhoven’s 5 Secrets- Piano Guys
  • Wine Unity: Don’t Stop Believin’- VSQ
  • Recessional: A Sky Full of Stars- VSQ

Reception Song Highlights:

  • Cocktail Hour Music: On the Patio with Josh & Natalie's ecclectic Mix
  • Dinner Music: Movie Soundtracks
  • Josh & Natalie's First Dance: A Whole New World- Alladin (with custom edit slides)
  • Father/Daughter Dance:
  • Mother/Son Dance:

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