Fun Ways To Include Step Children in a Wedding


Fun Ways to Include Step Children in a Wedding

Looking for some fun ways to include step children in a wedding. Lately, we’ve been talking to a number of couples, who are getting married for the 2nd time, and often it includes children from previous marriages. Today, I wanted to share with you several ways to incorporate teenage or young adult step children into your wedding celebration. There are several ways that you can do something unique or special for them to include them in the celebration with your new spouse.


Include kids in the pre-wedding photo shoot. YES, you can still do your “engagement photos” but if you include the step-children, you’re sending the message that you’re going to be a family.
It is a great way to do 2 things – 1) send an important message of inclusion and reassurance that they are a part of the new family and 2) create a family portrait at such an important time of your lives.

Wedding Themes or Colors

Involve them in helping to make a decision about these items.

Wedding Favors

Involve them in creating the favors that guest will take with them. If they’re creative this is a way to really include them and offer reassurance that they have a part in this special event.

Ceremony Ideas

If there is an older child (ren) that could take pictures, they could take a picture of the guests as they arrive and direct them to sign the “signature mat” that surrounds a picture of the 1) engagement photo or 2) a group family portrait that shows the kids are really are a part of this love story of the couple (see Pre-ceremony idea above). They could also be bridesmaid/pageboy at the ceremony.

Handing out wedding programs at the beginning and/or the birdseed/bubbles for the end of the reception are other ideas.

If the children are very young, it is a natural to include them in the important role as ring bearer and flower girl.

In the instance of a newly blended family, where children will be living with the newly married couple and even with new siblings, the unity candle lighting is the perfect opportunity to include all members of the new family. After lighting the unity candle together, it is the perfect time to bring forth each child to light a taper candle from the main unity candle the couple have jointly lit a few moments previously.

After exchanging rings, a special verse can be included to let children know that you both are committed to their future as part of a combined family. It could be something simple stated in unison, out loud, such as “I am marrying my soulmate and I am also extending my love and commitment to each of you as part of my family from this day forward.”

An addition to the verse, you could additional include younger children by placing a family medallion around their neck. Do a search for “family medallion” on the internet.

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