Fun Ways To Release Tables To A Buffet

Fun Ways To Release Tables to The Buffet

I absolutely love dinner buffet's at weddings. No not because there is plenty of food, but because there are so many great ideas to engage your guests to get them to the buffet at your wedding celebration.

Bride/Groom Trivia

Have your DJ ask each table or multiple tables a trivia question about you, and make it multiple choice. Guests will be entertained, and engaged! Whether they get the question right or wrong, they get released to the wedding buffet, so you don’t have a back log. Click here for trivia question ideas

Sports/Nostalgia Trivia

Instead of trivia about you, you can have your DJ release tables to the wedding buffet by doing trivia about your favorite sports team (ie Packers Trivia, Brewers Trivia) or maybe you have a movie theme where you do questions about certain types of movies. The sky is the limit with all of the different multiple choice trivia options available.

Name That Song

Have your DJ play a quick 5 second clip of a song, and then have them identify the song to be released to the wedding buffet.

Song Titles for Table Names

Instead of table numbers, name your tables by a song title, then when the table hears their song being played, they can be released to the buffet. You can be as creative as you would like with the songs, if it’s a movie theme (use songs from your favorite movies), sports theme, maybe each table has a different sports type song, or maybe use songs from your favorite genre or artists.
Again, the sky is the limit here.

Sing For Dinner

Before each table is released to the wedding buffet, they need to stand up and a song with “Love” in it. Upon completion of their song selection, they are released to the wedding buffet.

Words of Advice or Poems

Provide each table with paper, and pens, and have them share some advice for a long lasting marriage, and before they are released to the wedding buffet, the DJ will have them stand up and share the advice, then they release to the wedding buffet line. Guests could also write a poem about the bride and groom and then share it.
All of the advice and/or poems shared can be captured into a scrapbook following the reception for an added touch.

Whether you are having a wedding buffet, or a sit down plated dinner, think creatively with some engaging ideas for your guests!

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