Making Father & Daughter Memories at Pine Lake Camp


This past weekend Sound Sensations Entertainment was blessed to be part of Pine Lake Camp’s 3rd annual Father/Daughter dance at Pine Lake Camp in Westfield. More than 37 dads and their daughter’s danced the night and created so many memories with their dads all night long. A little over 101. All proceed supported The Springfield Fire Department.

The theme this year was April Showers, and Pine Lake Camp was certainly decked out to show the theme. I loved all of the cute umbrella’s hanging from the ceiling below the clouds and droplets of rain. So cute!

A fantastic team helped to bring the night together for the dads & daughters:

• James & Susanne Snow - Life On Display, Westfield
• Michelle & Tom O’Malley - O’Malley Foss Greenhouse, Montello
• Annette St. Onge - Your Town Florist, Montello
• Becki & Bryan Cleasgas- B&B Candy Store, Montello
• Ali Buchholz & Danielle Colling - It’s Poppin, Westfield
• Design Team: Susanne Snow, Heather Heiser, Amber Watry, Kelley Rehm
• Volunteers: Jamie Coenen, Brittany Zoellner, Jen Virch, Marit Klapoetke, Karen Zielger, Hannah Hockerman, Amber Watry
• DJ Entertainment- Ed Eaton, Sound Sensations Entertainment, Oshkosh

We kicked the night off with several Disney themed songs with videos from some of the daughters favorite Disney movies. As the crowd started to fill in, we played The “How Well Do You Know Your Daughter Match game for a prize. Even the dads and daughters that weren’t playing for a prize were encouraged to participate on their own.

Check out the highlights video from the night:

Tons of interaction and participation included a Party Train, The Limbo, Twist Contest, 70s Disco Dance Contest, Hula Hoop Elimination, The Shark Dance, Cupid Shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, Macarena and so many more. It truly was a night full of memories with dads and their daughters.

Toward the end of the night, we announced the most voted theme for next year, which is “Unicorn Dreams.”
Pine Lake Camp, thanks so much for having us, we can’t wait until next April for your 4th annual event!

Ed Eaton is the owner/lead DJ at Sound Sensations Entertainment for the last 18 years, and has a HUGE heart for doing Father/Daughter dances all over Wisconsin and the Fox Valley area. Contact Ed Eaton today at Sound Sensations Entertainment, 920-420-5929, and get your next event on the calendar.

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