Questions To Ask Before Booking a Wisconsin DJ


Questions To Ask Before Booking a Wisconsin DJ

Chances are if this is your first time getting married, you’ve never had to hire a DJ or book entertainment for an event, here are some great questions to ask before booking a Wisconsin DJ for your wedding celebration. In fact, I’m sure this very well may be the first time that you have planned a wedding as well. Choosing the right DJ/Entertainment for your event, believe it or not, could make or break your reception. It’s not just music, your DJ is responsible for so much more at the event. What do want your guests to experience on your day? What do you want them to say when it’s done? How will your DJ engage guests from the beginning, not just during the reception dance so they don’t go home or leave early bored? How invested will they be in your day? How much do they help you during the planning process. Chances are you’ve never planned an event like this before.

As you begin your quest for the right DJ fit, here are some questions that should be asked no matter who you talk with:

1. What time will the DJ arrive to set up? (You don’t want distractions for your guests)
2. How much experience does do they have doing WEDDINGS? (Look for at least 5 years, I recommend 15 years)
3. Can you meet with them before you sign a contract? (This is critical, know their personality)
4. When do you meet with the specific DJ before your event? (Insist to start with them from day one)
5. Do they provide back up equipment? Where is it located? In the car, office, onsite?
6. Do they have a back up DJ plan in the event that the DJ gets sick etc? Where is it?
7. How much input do you (the bride/groom) have in selecting the music? (You should have as much input as you desire, it’s your event)
8. Does the DJ company carry any type of liability insurance? (They should, most venues require it!)
9. What do they wear to your event? (Tuxedo, Formal, Business? Casual?)
10. Can they provide references?
11. Can they provide specific examples of how they will insure the success of your event?
12. Are there any travel fees involved? (Some companies charge as soon as they leave the Driveway)
13. Will they provide dinner music & announce formalities? (Who is going to take care of getting guests seated? Introduce the toasts? Announce the Cake Cutting? Chances are it should be your DJ)
14. How will they make sure the dance floor is packed from the beginning – do they have a plan?
15. How much time do you spend helping me plan my reception?
16. Do you sub contract to other entertainment companies?
17. What will you do to make sure my guests are not bored? How will you guarantee FUN?
Hopefully, these questions will help you begin thinking in the right direction regarding selecting entertainment. Your DJ should get to your event and be set up and ready to go before the guests arrive.

At a minimum, I recommend, at least someone with 5 years of experience at weddings, our DJ’s all have at least 15 years of experience. As you begin talking on the phone, schedule an appointment to learn more and ask questions. If they won’t meet with you, until a contract is signed, that’s red flag. In addition, I don’t recommend, asking to “check out” a show, as every event is different, and you could only get a slice of that event, not to mention, it’s a private party, and you certainly wouldn’t want anyone crashing in on your event.

I’d be happy to talk with anyone, no matter where they are, and who they might be considering, to help guide the entertainment process. As you plan your wedding reception, make sure you take careful consideration in choosing your DJ, you’ll be glad you did!

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