Top 10 Photo Booth Props


Top 10 Photo Booth Props

Photo Booths are by far one of the best ways to engage guests at any celebration, and we’ve got a great list of the Top 10 Photo Booth Props guests absolutely love and enjoy! Every photo booth rental should have an abundance of props, and some of the best photo booth rental companies often change up the props during the event, which is exactly what we do. At most of our events, 2-3 times in a night, we will swap out the props with a new assortment, giving guests several reasons to keep coming back to the photo booth all night long.

Top 10 Photo Booth Props

Check out our Top 10 photo booth prop favorites:

10. Sunglasses: Sunglasses at night, the ultimate photo booth fashion statement (and 80’s song!) to big funny fun sunglasses, to sunglasses with characters, and the Blues Brothers, you can’t go wrong with some fun sunglasses with good company in the photo booth!

9. Masks: There’s always intrigue with masquerade masks and fun feather boas!

8. Monkey Ears: Whether it’s monkey ears, bunny ears, or floppy ears, guests always have fun with a set of ears on their heads!

7. Seasonal Items: Whether it’s Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, St. Patricks Day or any other holiday, fun props from your favorite seasonal holiday will generate tons of fun and a few laughs, and cherished memories!

6. Superhero Masks: From Superman to Spider Man and Batman or Captain America, Super hero masks will bring out the hero in everyone!

5. Swords: Every loves a great battle (whether it’s Star Wars, or a fairy tale prince, swords are great for battle, pictures and green screen animation with your friends!

4. Animal Hats (and Every Other Kind of Hats too!): Police Hats, Cowboy and Cowgirl hats, fun stove top hats, to Dr. Suess, Flamingo’s, Parrots and more, you’ll be sure to have a few laughs with a fun, stylish hat!

3. Sports Items: From Packers, to the Vikings, and the Wisconsin Badgers, we’ve got you covered! There’s always a fun sports fan in every crowd, and pose for the camera and support the TEAM!!

2. Viking Hats: Here in Wisconsin, you could be a Packers fan, or maybe a Vikings fan, or better yet, sport it like a real Viking with a funny Viking Hat, they are always a huge hit!

1. Mustaches: Everyone wants to look chic, and cool with a cool Tom Selleck style stache so why not let them, they’ll be laughing and having fun all night long!

While these are our Top 10 Photo Booth Props, there are so many more ideas! We bring more than 50 different props to our events and celebration. What kind of props do you want? We custom tailor the props we bring to your event, so just let us know.

If you’re looking for a photo booth rental for a Wisconsin area event, and you want to have an amazing celebration, where your guests are engaged all night long, dance all night long, and rave about your celebration for months, Sound Sensations Entertainment can help you create an amazing entertainment experience from fun photo booths to amazing DJs.

As one of the most popular photo booth rental company in Wisconsin, Sound Sensations Entertainment offers highly engaging, fun wedding entertainment to all points in Wisconsin including Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay and Appleton. If you would like to have us at your upcoming Wisconsin event, please check out our entertainment website, or to request additional information. Sound Sensations Entertainment – DJ, Photobooth, Uplighting & More is an entertainment company based in Wisconsin servicing events throughout the local area, including Milwaukee, Appleton, Madison, and Green Bay. Sound Sensations Entertainment – DJ, Photobooth, Uplighting & More is a professional wedding entertainment company that has been part of the Wisconsin event industry since 2000.

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