Wedding Reception Budgeting Tips


Wedding Budget 101

Congratulations on your engagement. You're engaged, now what? Chances are this will be the biggest celebration you and your spouse will ever have as a married couple, and more than likely, you probably have no idea where to begin.
First and foremost, set a budget. Whether you have $40,000, $10,000 or $1,000 to spend, with careful organization, and great budgeting, you can have the wedding you always wanted. From the dress to the ceremony to the reception, it can be an amazing experience and day!

Establishing Your Budget

Who's Paying?

Talk with your families about who will pay for what: For some couples, it's only themselves, for others families will be kicking in and picking up at least some of the tab. If it's the latter, see if they will commit to a dollar amount, and add that into your budgeting costs.

Decide how much you both can contribute to the event, and then start saving each month.

What Is Most Important To You?

Once you have an allocated overall budget of what you would like to spend, you can begin to determine how the money will be spent for each area of your day. Before allocating your budget to each area, begin asking yourself some key questions.
What is most important to you on your wedding day? Is it the dress? Is the transportation? Is it the food? The flowers? The honeymoon? The pictures? As a DJ/Entertainment company owner, I always ask couples about the outcome of their day first. What do you want your guests to say about your day? What do you want them to remember? What do you want them to say when it's over? For example, Your guests are coming to celebrate YOU on your day, and you almost certainly want them to be engaged, having an amazing experience from beginning to end, and a reception that they will rave about for months, even years, then maybe you place entertainment toward the top of your list, and will spend more in that area than maybe some of the other areas.
You can still take a modest budget, and get everything you dreamed about, you just need to reallocate the money in the categories assigned to each.

Cost Savings Tips

Consider areas you can save too. When is your wedding? Fridays and/or Sundays tend to be less expensive than Saturday weddings. Bundle options, some vendors offer tons of additional add-ons and bundle them for added cost savings. Here's an example, maybe you are on the fence about adding a photo booth due to cost, and reallocate your budget. For example photo booths include photo strips for everyone and most have a guest book with all of the extra strips, consider taking the money for favors for all of your guests, and the money you would've spent on a guest book, and reallocate it to your photo booth or entertainment, and now you can save additional money.

It's not about having a limited budget and not being able to afford the entertainment you want or the photography you'd like to have, because your money is limited. It's all about reallocating the rest of the budget and spending it according to what's most important and so on.

What You Can Expect To Pay

Again, this is a guide, so prioritize this list in the order of most important to least important, as I mentioned above, and then add them into your budget, and in your planning process.

Reception: 48-50 percent

Ceremony: 2-3 percent

Attire: 8-10 percent

Flowers: 8-10 percent

Entertainment/Music: 8-10 percent

Photography/Videography: 10-12 percent

Stationery: 2-3 percent

Wedding Rings: 2-3 percent

Parking/Transportation: 2-3 percent

Gifts: 2-3 percent

Miscellaneous: 8 percent

  • To avoid stress, allot 5 percent of your budget for a "just-in-case" fund.
  • If you're paying for your honeymoon yourselves, remember to budget for that as well.

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