Wedding Speech Tips


Appleton DJ, Sound Sensations Entertainment has plenty of wedding speech tips and ideas for success at a wedding celebration. Are you giving a wedding speech at a wedding anytime soon?

Wedding Speech Tips

There are a ton of ideas and suggestions for your wedding speeches and toasts at your Wisconsin and Appleton area wedding celebration. Don’t be limited, be creative and pick and choose what works best for you. Here are a few wedding speech tips + ideas and to help you get started in planning the perfect wedding toast or speech.

Wedding Speech Tips #1: Advance Planning Suggested

I cannot stress or urge you enough to encourage the people you have selected to give a speech or toast at your celebration to have a plan, even if it’s just bullet points on an index card. The speeches at your reception can enhance or take away from the overall experience for your guests. A little planning goes a long way!

Wedding Speech Tips #2: Have a Back-Up Plan

Not only is the quality of your speech impactful, so is everyone’s ability to hear it. Make sure your DJ has an adequate back up plan with an extra microphone close by in case there are any issues with a wireless microphone.

Wedding Speech Tips #3: Special Members of your Family

Perhaps you have more than just the “Maid/Matron of Honor” and “Best Man” giving a speech or toast, maybe you are planning for others like Parents, or family members to give a “heart felt” message at your reception. Work with your DJ to find the perfect time for them to occur, strategic placement is critical and can add just the right touch at the right moment.

Wedding Speech Tips #4: Pre-Recorded Toasts

Do you have a loved one in the military? Do you have a Grandma or Grandpa or other family member who may be too frail or ill to come to your wedding celebration? Consider having your DJ create a personalized custom pre-recorded toast from the friend or family member who can’t be there in person. Your guests will be drawn in, and engaged, not to mention the tears of emotion it will bring.

Wedding Speech Tips #5: Welcome Toast/Greeting

Consider taking a moment either after the last toast, or right after the prayer to give a quick welcome toast to all of your guests stressing the importance of them being there with you, and encourage them to relax and have fun throughout the night.

Wedding Speech Tips #6: Multi Media Speeches & Toasts

Carefully planned in advance, anyone planning to give a speech or toast, can enhance their speech/toast with the use of audio sound clips or a multi-media video. This adds a total element of surprise, and your guests will totally be blown away by it, because it’s so different. You will need to work with your DJ in advance to coordinate the songs, clips, and/or recordings (if necessary) Let’s exceed your expectations and make your day incredible!

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