What is the absolute best wedding party favor?

Are you trying to choose the best party favor to give your guests at your reception? The answer is right here... but before I tell you what it is, lets look at why give a gift in the first place. There are many reasons but ultimately doesn't it come down to wanting your guests to remember your reception after it is over? So what is the best way to achieve that? I'll get to that in a moment. There are hundreds of lists out there of the top gifts to give with thousands of items. A lot of times those lists are put together by the companies selling the items. So are they really that popular? Or does the company make the most profit on the top items? I'm not against making a profit, but what will your guests really like? I wont go through the thousands of items, but they generally come down to two categories, food or tangible items. Chocolate kisses are popular, as are other chocolates. I've even seen little bottles of maple syrup. These are nice but often they are eaten at the reception, or shortly thereafter and then forgotten. Non-edible items are nice as well, but how often do they get really get used? Are they thrown in the "junk drawer" or the corner? How about drink glasses? Most people have a set of glasses they use everyday so that is what they usually use. One or two glasses with your name on them probably wont get used. If your objective is to have your family and friends remember your special day you want something they will see everyday (or almost everyday). You also want them to remember how much fun they had (it is a party after all). So what is the item that people will look at often and when they do they remember how much fun it was? Well, there is on old saying that goes... A picture is worth a thousand words. It is true: pictures capture a moment in time that can evoke tremendous emotion every time we look at them. In the current era, social media is how we communicate and share our lives with everyone. Although pictures we post on Facebook are there forever, how often do people look at them after a day or two? Why is throwback Thursday so popular? People like to reminisce about past events and photos is how we do it. So how do we get guests to look at photos of your reception and remember the fun they had there? You give them photos to take home with them (yes, photos do exist outside of the web). People will put them on their fridge, wall and even their work cubicle and see them everyday; when they do, they will remember all the fun they had at YOUR reception. So you have probably figured it out by now, the absolute best party favor to give your guests are photo booth strips. People always have fun in a photo booth, even grandma in the wheel chair will be smiling. Especially when they have crazy hats, glasses and other props on. Check out the web page below to see all the fun your guests will have at your reception.

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