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How many times have you been to an Elementary School, and the students didn’t dance? Too many right? At the elementary school level, students need to have structure, which is why we follow a 2 song/interaction format. Every 2 songs, Appleton Elementary School DJ, Sound Sensations Entertainment, does something fun and interactive with the students.

Every elementary school dance with Appleton Elementary School DJ is custom tailored specifically for the age group and/or school we are doing the event for. Some schools we do k-3rd grade, and some schools we do k-6th grade, and sometimes it’s the older grades, 5th and 6th only. The key is structured FUN! Appleton Elementary School DJ, Sound Sensations is constantly requested at more than 15 area Elementary Schools annually including Oshkosh schools: Oakwood School, Traeger Elementary, Smith Elementary, Emmeline Cook, Lomira Elementary, HB Patch in Omro, Janssen Elementary in Kimberly and several others.

Best of all, with Appleton Elementary School DJ, Sound Sensations, all of the music is family oriented, clean and FUN!

Here is a sample playlist/interactions from a recent Oshkosh Elementary School Dance that we did

  •  Dynamite- Taio Cruz
  •  Try Everything- Shakira
  •  Hula Hoop Fun (Surfin USA)
  •  Come on Ride The Train- Quad City DJs
  •  Uptown Funk- Bruno Mars
  •  Shut Up & Dance- Walk The Moon
  •  Hot Potato (Interaction)
  •  Cake By The Ocean- DNCE
  •  Sorry- Justin Bieber
  •  Limbo (Interaction)

  •  Happy- Pharrell
  •  Everything is Awesome (from Lego Movie)
  •  Hopping Relay (Interaction)
  •  Shake It Off- Taylor Swift
  •  Gagnam Style- Kids Bop
  •  Whip/Nae Nae- Silento (Interaction)
  •  Lips Are Movin- Meghan Trainor
  •  Follow The Leader (Interaction)
  •  What Does The Fox Say- Ylvis

  •  Cha Cha Slide- Casper C
  •  Sponge Bob Square Pants Theme
  •  Macarena (Interaction)
  •  Timber- Kesha
  •  Chicken Dance (Interaction)
  •  Hokey Pokey (Interaction)
  •  YMCA (Interaction)
  • Cupid Shuffle (Interaction)
  • Cotton Eyed Joe (Freeze Dance
  • Wipeout (Surfin Interaction)

As one of the most popular elementary school DJs in Appleton, Sound Sensations Entertainment offers highly interactive, engaging elementary school dance entertainment for Appleton, Oshkosh and the surrounding communities. If you would like to have Appleton Elementary School DJs, Sound Sensations Entertainment at your next school event CHECK FOR YOUR DATE AVAILABILITY. In addition, Appleton Elementary School DJs also offers PHOTO BOOTHS and combo DJ/Photo Booth Packages.

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