Employee Handbook


On behalf of all the people here who make our company a leader in the event industry, Welcome to Sound Sensations Entertainment!
We take considerable pride in our company, the services we provide to our clients, and the growth we have experienced in the past and will experience in the future. You are an asset to our team, and without your rock star personality, our company wouldn’t be what it is today.
You are part of an elite team. Every member of our team has helped to make Sound Sensations Entertainment one of top Event Entertainment Companies in Northeast Wisconsin providing highly personalized wedding entertainment, Uplighting, Photo Booths, Monograms, and more.
This handbook will be helpful to you in getting better acquainted with our company and well informed on its policies and procedures. The handbook is only a start in our emphasis on communications, it tells you how we work, what you can expect from us and what we expect from you.
We hope to provide you with rewarding and satisfying work at Sound Sensations Entertainment, with recognition and appreciation for your contribution to the goals and continued progress of our company.
We consider you family, so let me be the first to tell you, welcome to “our family!”


Ed Eaton, Owner, Sound Sensations Entertainment

Sound Sensations Entertainment Vision

Sound Sensations Entertainment specializes in Wedding Entertainment that is focused on highly personalized, engaging entertainment that is all about you! Every aspect of your entertainment experience focuses on bringing a fun, engaging experience for everyone at the event.

How We Are Different?

Our company competes with more than 300 other entertainment companies in Wisconsin. Yes, that’s a lot! That’s why it’s highly important to differentiate. What makes us different from the rest is that we take the time to get to know each and every couple on a personal level, and deliver excellence in our customer service from the very initial contact through the end of their event. This happens from the first touch point, and continues through their journey until the event is over and far beyond.

We believe in Relationships FIRST:

-With our prospects
-With our clients/couples
-With the Vendors we work with
-With our Rock Star Team

Entertainment Experience – It’s MORE than just MUSIC!

If all we did was show up and play music at an event, we would’ve been replaced by ipods, and DIY long ago. Today, it’s all about delivering an extraordinary experience to guests, whether a wedding, reunion, party, photo booth, birthday celebration or any event, at the end of the night, guests should say WOW, that was an amazing night! This is achieved by our team delivering and creating “special moments” and/or “surprises” along the way that get guests to turn their heads and say WOW!
It’s so much more that a photo booth attendant standing and handing out prints, or a DJ standing behind their system and pushing buttons, expecting guests to dance.
80% of a clients experience happens during the planning process, 20% happens on the day of the event. We dedicate approximately 30-40 hours into every single event.

Company History - How It All Started…

Aspirations & Early Beginnings (1987)
Ed Eaton grew up in small town New England, in Easthampton, Massachusetts, and has always aspired to be a DJ since he was 7 years old, starting out in his bedroom with two turntables and a microphone practicing in front of a mirror for 6 years before doing his first wedding reception at the age of 13 (back in 1987) at The Lord Jeffrey Inn in Amherst, Massachusetts.

E & D Sounds (1988-1993)
In 8th grade, Ed & his middle school friend Dan Hayden, together created E & D Sounds and did several mainly Elementary, Middle & High School dance events all over the Pioneer Valley area in Western Massachusetts all on cassette and vinyl.

Spin’n Discs Entertainment (1993-1997)
In the Fall of 1993, Ed continued his DJ Entertainment career at Ripon College, in Ripon Wisconsin where he partnered with Kelly Bales and formed Spin’n Discs Entertainment out of his college dorm room and did a ton of house parties, high school dances, and college events all over Ripon and the surrounding areas, but mainly most of the events at his school and college fraternity graduating to mix tapes, and CDs.

AC Royal Entertainment (1998-2001)
In 1998, after moving back to Wisconsin following college, Ed joined AC Royal Entertainment, an established multi-op DJ company in Oshkosh, WI. It was here that he converted from house parties and school events to mainly all weddings week in and week out. While working at AC Royal Entertainment on the weekends, he spent the rest of his time owning and running a nightclub called Encounters in Oshkosh, where he met his now wife, Alisa, who gave him the encouragement to start his own wedding DJ Entertainment company in the Fox Valley after feeling much discontent with compensation and respect as a wedding DJ working for a multi-op.

Sound Sensations Entertainment (2001- Present)
Shortly after Alisa & Ed were married in Oshkosh, out of their first house, they formed Sound Sensations Entertainment, a name his wife came up with, and from that point forward, their focus was weddings and events all over the Fox Valley area of Wisconsin in 2001 and have been growing their business ever since. At the end of 2015, Ed left corporate America to pursue the business full time.

In 2016, we added a photo booth division, and added 3 staff to the team
In 2017, we added a 2nd photo booth, and a DJ training program and broke doing 100+ events annually.
In early 2018, we acquired office space just off highway 41 in Oshkosh and continue to grow and expand. It is our goal in 2018 to do 75 Photo Booth events, increase our growing referral rate, & continue to develop additional relationships with industry vendors.


Sound Sensations Entertainment knows that its team member and their welfare are the most important element in the success of our Company. Our objective is the continuous development of a growing business through which our clients, the team member, and the Company can benefit. Every employee is considered a great asset to the Company and an important part of our team.

This handbook is provided for your use as a reference and it summarizes most of our policies & procedures for your education. It is designed to better inform you and acquaint you with our Company. As policies and benefits are revised, updated pages will be distributed to you, however Sound Sensations Entertainment reserves the right to revise these guidelines & policies at any time with or without notice.

Equal Employment Opportunity

It is the Company’s policy to employ, retain, promote, terminate and otherwise treat any and all employees and job applicants on the basis of merit, qualifications and competence. This policy shall be applied without regard to any individual’s sex, race, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, medical condition, or physical handicap.

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sound Sensations Entertainment is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination. The Company maintains a strict policy prohibiting any unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. This policy prohibits harassment of any form, including verbal, physical and visual harassment.

Sexual Harassment Includes:

• Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature with explicit or implicit condition of employment.
• Using the employees submission to or rejection of the sexual conduct as the basis for an employment decision.
• Creating an intimidating, offensive or hostile working environment for other employees through verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
• Verbal harassment such as repeated sexual or derogatory jokes and remarks
• Physical harassment such as an assault, impeding or blocking movement or any physical interference with normal work when directed at an individual.
• Visual forms of harassment such as displaying derogatory posters, cartoons or drawings that are offensive.
• Any solicitation of sexual favors or unwanted sexual advances

If a team member believes he or she has been harassed by a co-worker, supervisor, or manager of the Company, please report the individuals involved as well as the facts of the incident promptly to the owner.

We will investigate all such claims and disciplinary actions , including possible termination of employment, will be taken against the employee who is found to have engaged in harassment.

EEO Compliance/Verification

In committing to full compliance with federal immigration laws, Sound Sensations Entertainment requires team members to pass an employment verification procedure before they are permitted to work. The federal immigration law requires that every individual provide satisfactory evidence of their identity and legal authority to work in the United States no later than 3 business days after they begin new employment.

Dress Code

Whether we like it or not, people treat us many times by their first impression of us. Therefore we like the saying...”When in doubt, overdress!”

DJs/MCs – Client Meetings:
All DJs/MCs should wear either khaki’s or black pants with a logoed “Sound Sensations” button down dress shirt to any meetings scheduled with the client, this includes collaboration meetings and any sales meetings or venue site walk throughs. In addition, you should be fresh smelling, no/minimal tattoos showing, and clean shaven.

DJs/MCs & DJ Assistants– Events:
Men: Wear either khaki’s or black pants with a logoed “Sound Sensations” button down dress shirt for the actual event, with a Sound Sensations Name Tag, unless a client has given you different instructions (ie themed event attire). Good smelling breath and body is imperative as you will be working around people in your work environment.

Ladies: Wear a skirt/dress and dark blouse, or black dress, with a Sound Sensations Name Tag, or pants with a logoed shirt. You should be dressed and ready to go at least 30 minutes before guests arrive in event dress attire. Good smelling breath and body is imperative as you will be working around people in your work environment.

Photo Booth Attendants- Events:
Men: Wear either khaki’s or black pants with a logoed Sound Sensations Polo shirt and Sound Sensations Name Tag, unless a client has given you different instructions (ie. themed event attire).

Ladies: Wear a skirt/dress and blouse, with a Sound Sensations Name Tag, or dress pants with a logoed Sound Sensations Polo Shirt. You should be dressed and ready to go at least 30 minutes before guests arrive in Event Dress attire.

DJs/MCs, Photo Booth Attendants & DJ Assistants- Setting/Striking Gear:
Sound Sensations logoed Polo Shirt with jeans or pants. No t-shirts or athletic wear. You’ll need to be event dressed at least 30 minutes prior to event start, and you can swap to a polo shirt at the conclusion of the event for load out if you choose.


Scheduling Events/Work Schedule

One of the biggest perks of being a part of our team is flexible scheduling. You can choose your own work schedule. In the event industry, events are often schedule up to 18-24 months in advance. Every single event needs to be covered, as your role is integral to the success of our company, and the client’s often once-in-a-lifetime event. The Master Event Schedule is located online as a “Google Doc” and every team member has full access to the spreadsheet.

We WILL NOT Tolerate Tardiness or absences!

It’s a long list that looks like this:

Updated 2/7DJAPBCOMBODJName of EventLocationPKG
 1/13/2018  Calum  Zyan JJ Dance South Park Elementary DJ/PB

The DJA Column is for “DJ Assistant” shifts, the “PB” column is for “Photo Booth Attendant” shifts, “Combo” column is a combined position where you’ll do both. Pay attention to the location of the event, as that is where you’ll be doing the event for that particular event.

If the column has an open white box with no name listed, then that is an open shift available for sign up. If there is a name in the box like above in the PB Box, Calum is listed, so that event is already filled by someone.

If a box is blocked out, like in the Combo box above, it means there isn’t a need for that position on that date.

Please note: Once you add your name to a date, if you need to switch or that event off, it’s your responsibility to find a replacement.

You can sign up for as many shifts/events as you would like, at a minimum you should pick 2 per month per company policy.

Switching Shifts/Events

Coverage for every Sound Sensations Entertainment event is critical. Without our team members present, it makes it difficult to deliver an extraordinary experience for our clients, no matter what type of event we are having. We also understand that from time to time, life circumstances happen, where you can’t work an event that you’ve committed to.

Procedure/Policy: If you are scheduled to work an event, and you can no longer work the event, or would like to get that night off, please contact another team member to switch with that is listed on the “Team Contact” sheet.
You are responsible to work the event you’ve signed up for, until another team member picks up your event, and/or switches with you. Tardiness & No shows Will NOT Be Tolerated!

Procedure: Once you’ve switched shifts, make sure you update the schedule in the Google Doc online, and then shoot the assigned DJ a text or email and let them know who is replacing you.

Policy: If you are scheduled to work an event, and need to switch dates, the last day for switching an event is Tuesday by 3pm of the week of the event.
Logistics & paperwork for the upcoming weekend events are sent out on Tuesday at 4:15 pm, to prevent the appropriate team members from getting the information they need regarding an event, the cut off is Tuesday at 3pm for switching dates.

Punctuality/Event Day Logistics

This is the most important aspect of your job because no matter how much you know, you will not be able to help if you are not here. All we ask is that you respect the time of your other team members. When you arrive late, you are sending a message (whether you mean to or not) that your personal time is more important than that of the team member who was waiting for you.

Always arrive on time and ready to help each other succeed!

Procedure: If you are scheduled to work an event, you’ll receive a logistics email on Tuesdays at 4:15pm of the week you are working an event, with all of the event details for the event, including names, shift start time/end time, location of the event, which transportation you’ll be using etc. Please make sure you arrive on time to start your shift. Tardiness and/or No Shows Will NOT Be Tolerated!

Policy: The first occurrence of your late arrival will be brought to your attention, and you’ll receive a “written warning.” The 2nd occurrence is grounds for termination.

Due to the nature of our business, punctuality is extremely important on what is the biggest day of our clients lives, please be on time.


With 21st century communication rapidly changing all the time, technology provides so many methods of communication, sometimes it can be hard to keep up, or keep everyone on one preferred channel. Our company communicates primarily through email and text. If you don’t already, please make it a habit of checking your email regularly (at least once a day).

As you communicate with couples (especially DJs/MCs), it’s imperative to get back to them within 24 hours.

I understand that we all have life to deal with, but please make it a habit of responding to email/text communication within 24 hours. In addition, if you are scheduled to work a shift and you receive the logistics email on Tuesday, please confirm via email that you received the logistics email for the weekend, and communicate any questions you may have. Emails can sometimes go into a big, black hole of spam (never again to be found). We want to make sure you know where and when you are going to an event.

Company Vehicle Usage

Sound Sensations Entertainment provides vehicles for business use to allow team members to drive on company-designated business and to reimburse team member for business use of personal vehicles according to the guidelines below. Sound Sensations Entertainment retains the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time. (The term "vehicle," as used in these guidelines, includes, but is not limited to, vans, trailers, and trucks.)

1. Team members may not drive any business vehicles without prior approval of the owner. Prior to approving a driver and periodically thereafter, supervisors must check the employee's driving record. team member approved to drive on company business are required to inform their supervisor of any changes that may affect either their legal or physical ability to drive.

2. Vehicles will be assigned on Tuesdays for that week’s events and will be noted in your event logistics email.

3. Team member who drive a vehicle on company business must, in addition to meeting the approval requirements above, exercise due diligence to drive safely and to maintain the security of the vehicle and its contents. Use of handheld cell phones (including texting) while behind the wheel of a moving vehicle being used on company business is strictly prohibited – cell phones may only be used for GPS.

4. Team member are responsible for any driving infractions or fines as a result of their driving and must notify management if an infraction occurred.

5. Non team member and non business passengers (i.e., family and friends) are prohibited from riding in company vehicles.

6. Team members must report any accident, theft or malicious damage involving a company vehicle to the owner, regardless of the extent of damage or lack of injuries. Such reports must be made as soon as possible but no later than 48 hours after the incident. Team members are expected to cooperate fully with authorities in the event of an accident. However, team members should make no voluntary statement other than in reply to questions of investigating officers.

7. Team members must fill out “mileage log” on the dashboard of their vehicle at the beginning and end of every trip. Policy: Failure to fill out “mileage logs” for your scheduled work shift is grounds for disciplinary action. The IRS requires our company to keep a log of all miles driven in our vehicles.

8. Team members are not permitted, under any circumstances, to operate a company vehicle or a personal vehicle for company business when any physical or mental impairment causes the employee to be unable to drive safely. Additionally, team members shall not operate any company vehicle at any time or operate any personal vehicle while on company business while using or consuming alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medications that may affect their ability to drive. These prohibitions include circumstances in which the employee is temporarily unable to operate a vehicle safely or legally because of impairment, illness, medication or intoxication.

9. Policy: Company vehicles and/or trailer must be locked at all times, both at events as well as when vehicles are returned, failure to comply is immediate grounds for disciplinary action including termination.

10. Policy: All company electronics gear must be removed from vehicles following an event and brought indoors, failure to comply is grounds for disciplinary action including termination.

11. In the event that a vehicle needs fuel, team members may put fuel in the tank, and are required to get a receipt, which should be turned in for reimbursement.

Laptop & Controller Usage

If you are a DJ/MC, you have a Company provided laptop in your possession for events, show/event prep and client meetings. All laptops and DJ Controllers remain the property of Sound Sensations Entertainment. The Laptop Use and Security Policy outlined below will guide the usage of this productivity tool. Team members understand that Laptops needs to be with them at their events and client consultations.

1. Security and Protection-

Team members understand that they are permitted to take their laptops home. They will secure their laptops in my office when not in use.
a. Team members understand that leaving laptops in a car can promote theft and damage from temperature extremes, and that they will be responsible to pay for loss or damage as a result of leaving the laptop in a car.

b. Team members understand that they are expected to protect their laptops from damage and theft, and that they will be responsible for damage or theft, while in their possession.

c. They understand that if their laptop is lost or stolen, they will immediately notify Management and file a report with the police.

2. Connectivity at Home –

a. They understand that they are not to install any software on this computer
If they need ISP software installed, they will contact management for installation, and permission.

b. They understand that they will not install any programs or applications onto their Laptop and that all software installations will be handled by Sound Sensations Entertainment management.

c. They understand that specialized software required by must be cleared by authorized Management prior to purchase and installation.

d. Team members understand that they will not permit others to use their Laptop or Serato Controller.

e. They understand that this laptop computer will be in their possession at all times, and they are not to lend my Laptop or Serato Controller to anyone, including members of my family, for any reason.

f. They understand that they are responsible for the appropriate use of their Laptop and Serato Controller, including anything stored on the laptop, by anyone, for any length of time. They understand that they must return my Laptop to the office if they resign or if they are planning an absence of more than two weeks.

g. They understand that they will not copy any of the files on the hard drive to any other hard drive or external source for any reason at any time.

3. Library Updates –

a. They understand that Sound Sensations Entertainment will update my hard drive with new music and song requests on a bi weekly basis and shall make my computer available for these updates.

b. They understand that they may only download from the music “Pool” App from our subscription to Promo Only and “You Tube.”

c. When converting You Tube Files – the only site we are allowed to convert from is “flvto.com”

Company Property and Equipment Policy

Team members need to be mindful of all equipment which they use, or has been issued to them to perform their jobs is owned by Sound Sensations Entertainment. It is the individual responsibility of all team members to care for and safeguard this company property and equipment, keeping it in as close to as new/working condition as possible.

Examples of company property includes motor vehicles, trailers, trucks, photo booth gear, lighting gear, computers, cameras, and DJ gear.

It is the responsibility of the team member to notify Sound Sensations Entertainment within 48 hours of loss/damage/theft to the item(s), as to the occurrence and/or explanation thereto. If the item (s) have been stolen, the company also requires the employee to complete an Affidavit at their nearest Police Station within 48 hours from the estimated time of theft and forward the original docket to the company Consequences under gross negligence or employee theft.

The company may deduct from the employee, the cost of tools or equipment lost/stolen within a reasonable time, if the employee committed theft or was negligently responsible for the loss.

Company policy subsequent to the loss/damage/theft NOT applicable under gross negligence or employee theft, It is under the discretion of management to permit the replacement of gear or equipment, and also the type or model of replacement.

Cell Phone Usage at Events

Our cell phone policy outlines our guidelines for using cell phones while working an event. We recognize that cell phones (and smartphones especially) have become an integral part of everyday life, but cell phones may also cause problems when used excessively.

Team members may NOT:

• Play games on the cell phone during their shift
• Use their phones for any reason while driving a company vehicle, unless it’s just used for GPS or they are not driving the vehicle.
• Speak on their phones within earshot of colleagues’ working space during working hours anywhere where we can be seen by a client at a venue or text where guests/clients can be seen in the venue
• Check email, text or call while working in their space (ie photo booth, or DJ console - unless it is to another staff member about an issue or check-in)

How to properly use cell phones during your shift:

• You may take pictures at events with your personal cell phone
• You may check in with the owner as to your arrival as to show the look of your set up
• You may receive or make a call in a staff only area or lobby of a venue, but not in your work area
• Team member can use their phones while on a stationary vehicle or while moving if they are not the driver of the vehicle

Disciplinary Consequences

Our company retains the right to monitor team members for excessive or inappropriate use of their cell phones. If a team members phone usage causes a decline in productivity or interferes with our operations, we’ll ban that team member from using their cell phones.
team member may face severe disciplinary action up to and including termination for violating this policy.

Customer Service & Wow Factor

Sound Sensations exists today because our clients have come to trust and value our services. Everything our company has to offer our clients revolves around exceeding customer service, from an initial call to the final execution and performance of the event.

We must always make the effort to provide an “Outstanding” “WOW” factor level of customer service. The rules are simple…

–Rule #1: Use your best judgment in all situations.
–Rule #2: Perform your job at a level where your effort is never questioned
–Rule #3: Always smile, be bubbly and energetic and have a can do attitude
whenever possible
–Rule #4: No sitting while working the photo booth or behind the DJ console (You are being paid to be the life of the party & bringing the experience to the guests even when no one is in the booth or around the DJ area. Believe me, someone is always watching.)
–Rule #5: Always be looking out for ways to go over and above for clients and guests at events we are working

Just remember to remain calm and courteous in all situations. If you are ever in doubt of what step to take next, seek the help and guidance from management.

Code of Conduct

Sound Sensations Entertainment has formed certain rules of conduct to ensure a well-run and pleasant environment for its team members. Violation of these policies has a negative effect on the integrity of the Company and therefore will result in some type of disciplinary action ranging from a warning to possible termination based on the severity of the act.

Examples of these types of infractions are, but not limited to:
-Abuse or misuse of company equipment
-Refusing or failing to follow the direction of management or policies
-Unacceptable or unsatisfactory job performance
-Being under the influence of alcohol or any illegal substance while working
-Any behavior that is offensive and/or endangers other team member
-Excessive absenteeism or patterned absences on a recurring basis
-Excessive tardiness, even if it has been reported in advance
-Unauthorized removal or possession of company property, fellow team member’ property, or client’s property
-Any form of theft, fraud or dishonesty against the company, a client or other staff member

You are a trusted member of the Sound Sensations Entertainment family and with that comes the privilege of having your word taken at face value along with many responsibilities and commitments of honesty and integrity to the company. In all situations, we will do what is right to uphold the integrity of the Company. Remember that, as a representative of the Company, when your integrity is compromised, the integrity of the Company is compromised. Always conduct yourself at a level where we can feel proud to call you a Sound Sensations Entertainment team member.

Represent the Company proudly and respectfully wherever you go. Together we are creating a company that treats us as individuals, a company that allows us to express our creativity, to grow both professionally and personally, a company that not only can enrich our lives financially but one where we feel that what we do on a daily basis really matters.


The safety of our clients and our team is very important to us. To achieve a goal of complete safety everyone must do their part and become safety conscious.

The following are some common sense rules regarding safety awareness.

1. Please report all unsafe and potentially hazardous conditions to the owner of the company immediately!

- Equipment left on overnight (sound and lighting equipment, water feature, etc) - Exposed cabling and wiring
- Careless handling of equipment
- Defective equipment
- Improper storage and/ or stacking of equipment
- Wet or Slippery floors

2. Help to avoid accidents by eliminating any hazardous and unsafe conditions when you find them
3. Immediately report all accidents to the owner
4. Always be on the alert for safety hazards

As a team, we are all responsible for the security of all company property. Whether at the office or at an event, we must make sure that company equipment is taken care of. This includes company vehicles.

Policy: If it is determined that you were the person accountable for locking vehicle doors, and/or office doors and it was not done, you will be reprimanded according to the severity of your negligent act. The action can range from a written warning, suspension to possible termination.

Policy: If you are the person responsible for not locking all doors you will be held liable for any business losses or expenses resulting from your action including the replacement cost of any equipment that was stolen as a result. We cannot afford to become casual in our security measures.

Compensation & Benefits

Policy: Team members will be paid by 5:00 pm on Tuesdays. Team members are paid through Paypal (electronic depositing). If you need assistance in setting up a paypal account, please refer to your HR documents.

Pay Periods: Team members are paid weekly for the events from the previous week – Period worked 12:01am on Sunday through 11:59pm on Saturday. All events worked within that time frame will appear on your Pay 3 days later, on Tuesday.

DJs/MCs – Should you schedule “client meetings” or “venue site walkthroughs”with clients, these are all part of your show prep, they are a required activity, but you do not receive additional compensation for these tasks.

At the end of the year, team members will receive a 1099 form as long as your compensation for the year, exceeds $600.


Flexible Scheduling
One of the biggest perks to this position is that you get to choose your schedule. You choose the weekends and event dates that work the best for your schedule.

Complimentary Photo Booth Rentals
Are you planning a party or an event? You can use our photo booth at no rental cost, the only thing you are responsible for is a flat fee for ink/paper usage which is $50.

You know people in your friendship circles. Whether they are planning a graduation party, reunion, holiday party, wedding or any other kind of event, let them know about our services. If they book our services, you’ll get a $50 cash bonus everytime! This includes Facebook referrals from Facebook groups (even if you don’t know them personally).

Paid to Party
Well not literally, but sometimes our team thinks so. You get paid to provide a fun entertainment experience that everyone will remember, and with tons of fun music, free food, free soft drinks all night!

Company Party/Picnic
Usually once or twice a year, we try to throw a couple of parties (once around the 4th of July time, and again around the holidays) to come together as a team with some comraderie.

Non Disclosure Agreement

The Sound Sensations Entertainment has dedicated and devoted much of its efforts to establishing a reputable company in the wedding industry, and is well known for its innovative creations, performances and services.

As a wedding entertainment company, Sound Sensations Entertainment’s greatest asset is its unique and ingenious creations developed by the Sound Sensations Entertainment team. As a team member, you may have access to the trade secrets, confidential material and proprietary information that makes the Company a leader in its industry.

In an effort to protect the Company’s reputation as well as its exclusive training and performance techniques, every team member is required to carefully read and adhere to the confidentiality and business conduct policy while they are employed at the Company and consecutively following their termination of employment. It is to be understood by all team members that the company reserves full rights and ownerships to all of Sound Sensations Entertainment developed ideas, services, performances, and pioneering creations.

Team members are to understand the actions that may be taken against any employee who does not adhere to the confidentiality and business conduct policy. Every team member must have a signed copy of the non-disclosure and non-compete agreement on file.

The aforementioned wording does not supersede said agreement, and any non-compete/non-disclosure in place.

Progressive Discipline

The progressive discipline system is structured to give you advance notice of problems with conduct or performance in order to provide you an opportunity to correct any problems. Normally, progressive discipline involves verbal counseling and one or more written warnings, before a team member is terminated.

The severity of the action taken generally depends upon the nature of the offense and an employee’s record. The progressive discipline procedure is as follows:

1. Verbal warning
2. First Written Warning
3. Second Written Warning
4. Termination

Any or all of these steps may be used based on the conditions, circumstances, nature and severity of the infraction. Exceptions and deviations from this procedure may occur whenever management deems appropriate. Also, team members are reminded that employment is at the mutual consent of the team member and the Company. Accordingly, either you or the Company can terminate the employment relationship at-will.

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