Your Personalized, Fun Wedding Reception Planning Guide

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Thank you for taking a moment to learn more about Sound Sensations Entertainment & what your Personailized, Fun Wedding Celebration could look like. We are different than most entertainment companies in Wisconsin & The Fox Valley Area in that we personalize every aspect of your wedding celebration to reflect your personalities!

Not all DJ's & wedding entertainment companies are the same! We don't just show up and push buttons & play music, we collaborate with you through the planning process long before your big day & create a totally enganging , personalized experience that will have your guest RAVING about the FUN they experienced on your Big day! We are full time, full service company with more that 18 years of experience at more that 1,000 weddings! Here are just a fiew ideas to inspire you of what could be possible at your wedding celebration! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Ed Eation - Owner 7 DJ/MC

Birthday: September 12th Phone: (920) 420-5929

Ed has been a wedding DJ for 18 years, also the owner, has been PASSIONATE about music, Wisconsin over 20 yeras ago. Collaborating with couples and coming up with new ideas to personalize their day & creating some amazing memories that guests will NEVER forget is something he truly loves.

Ed has 4 beautiful children, Abby, Zach, Luke & Patrick, and married to his beautiful wife, and also.

Zyan Foth - DJ/MC

Birthday: November 1st Phone: (920) 450-8273

Zyan is PASSIONATE about people & his energy is contagious! He grew up in the Fox Valley, went to school in Neenah, and is truly PASSIONATE about making your day AMAZING, memorable and fun! He has a love of the outdoors, & shooting sports. Zyan got married last Fall to his lovely wife Kim!

Alisa Eaton - Office Manager

Birthday: March 18th Phone: (920) 410-8080

Alisa is one of the most outgoing, bubbly people you'll ever meet. She has a dance background, having taken ballet, and many other forms of dance since she was little. She grew up in the Racine area and keeps us running on a weekly basis as our office manager. Her personality is contagious!

It's All About You!

You've got the ring, you've set the date, & the planning has begun.

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming & stressful. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event with a ton of moving parts. The average couple works with more than 13 different vendors leading up to and on the big day!

More than 95% of couples planning their wedding celebration have not hired a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator. In addition to helping you create  an amazing entertainment experience for you and your guests, our team work with you from day one as an experience wedding planning expert offering plenty of personalized ideas that truly reflect you from beginning to end!

Let's Schedule An In-Person Create Consultation Today!

This isn't your typical meeting, nor is it a sales meeting. Each & every couple is different, and each one has their own unique story.

We start out getting to know you and your interests and likes, and what your plans are for your celebration. During our "Creative Consultation," we'll walk you through a wedding celebration & share a few creative, FUN ideas that will engage your guests, and give you some inspiration & open your mind to what you coud be possible on your day!

We provide all of this FREE of charge, BEFORE any contract is even signed or any deposits are made!

Sound Sensations was incredible,, over the top perfect from beginning to end! our wedding was over a moth ago and people are still raving about how awesome the entertainment was and asking for referrals! From the beginning, I did endless research on DJ's and when I talked with them on the phone the first time I knew we had to meet and talk about details in person so I could get more information! From the personalized documents to the ability to adapt to just about any idea I threw his way, I knew this was an amazing wedding decision that I will never ever regret - Hiring because not onl did ED "DJ" he was also an incredible and professional entertainer from the beginning to the end. Ed sat down with us and created a timeline as to how we saw the night going and he and Alisa made it perfect and on time the entire night! Our cocktail music, our Grand entrance, the speech's, the dance's and the dancing Ed and Alisa were on top of their game ALL NIGHT! You can tell they have a passion for what they do and they know their stuff, and coming from a bride who did endless hours of research, interviews and phone calls.

- Talia & Nick's Celebration at The Tundra Lodge, Green Bay, WI.

Once in a Lifetime Wedding Ceremonies!

Whether Your Wedding Ceremony is outside in a barn, at a hotel, in a park, by the water or anywhere elsei n NE o SE Wisconsin,

Sound Sensations Entertainment has you covered!

In 2017, more than 40% of our couples utilized our services for ceremony sound as well as for their reception. Sound Sensations Entertainment brings a 2nd system for the wedding ceremony, so every moment of your celebration, from the ceremony to the cocktail hour and beyond is seamless from beginning to end!

Making It Fun & Unique

Your wedding ceremony should be a reflection of you & your unique personalities. So often we talked to couples who really want their guests to remember how different, unique & special their day was. 

Here are a few ideas to help you spark some inspiration:

- Present Roses To Your Mothers
- Bride's Surprise Voice Over Message during Processional
- Write Your Own Vows
- Honor Those Who Have Passed
- Invite both parents to walk you down the aisle
-Have a Sand or Unity Ceremony

Full Ceremony Coordination!

Your DJ will guide you through  creating a ceremony outline long before your BIG day, & then help make it  happen at your celebration with full coordination & ceremony sound from beginning to end with a 2nd Sound System! In addition, your DJ will also share plenty of ideas during the planning process to help you be inspired!

Ceremony Planning Tips

Have a Back Up Plan in case of weather
Don't Choose a location too far from the ceremony Get to know & meet your officiant
Try to hold the "First Kiss" for Pictures
If your ceremony is outside- bring water for guests
Make your ceremony your own - Fresh Ideas!
Don't be late! The day goes by fast, take time to enjoy it without feeling rushed!

Cocktail Hours That Are Memorable & FUN!

Over 50% of Your Celebration is Over Before
The Reception Dance Begins - Engage Them Early!

It's true! By the time your ceremony is over, the cocktail and dinner hours are done, and your celebration rolls into the  dancing, mroe than 50% of your celebration will be over. If you have nothing planned during the cocktial hour, guests will ge bored, and most likely will anticipate leaving your celebration early. Keep your guests, involved, engaged and having FUN right from the very start of your celebration.

The possibities are endless, Here are just a few ways to creatively keep your guests engaged during the Cocktail Hour:

Personalized music that sets the tone & reflects you!
Have a Fun Photo Booth
Have Your DJ create a Bridal Scramble Trivia
Game looping on the Flat Screen TV
Have your slide show looping on the Flat Screen TV
Create a Fun "Mad Libs" Game at the guest tables
Create a Fun "Interactive" Scrapbook for your guests
Have your Guests "write some marriage advice" or "What Love Means" on a 3 x 5 card at their tables to be put in a Special Box
Photo Scavenger Hunt- Have a list of items for your guests to capture on their smart phones
Have a Giant Word Scramble on a Chalk or White Board

Personalized, Fun & Memorable Dinner House

Personalized Introductions

Right before dinner is one of the best times have your DJ introduce you & your wedding party! It will set the tone for an amazing night! Tip: Instead of just introducing each couple to a song that you've picked, change it up, & surprise your guests by introducing each couple to the chorus of several different songs! (Note this is just one idea, the sky is the limit)

Welcome Your Guests

After the introductions are complete, the energy & excitement in the room is HIGH, this is a perfect place for you as a couple to "Welcome" your guests & thanks everyone for coming.

Dinner Prayer/Blessing

If you are planning to have someone give a prayer or blessing before dinner, make sure you ask them well ahead of your day, so they have plenty of time to prepare.

Buffet Style Dinner Ideas:

Often it can take 30-45 minutes to get all of the tables to a buffet and if you are in a room with 300, and your one of the last tables to go, that could get a little boring. Here's a few engaging, ideas to keep your guests involved:

Kissing Activites

Most couples dread glass clinking, I do too.
Here are some easey fun alternatives that engage guests: (We've Got Tons More, just Ask!)

Mimic/Mirror a Kiss
Sing a Song with Love In It
Share Some Marriage Advice or Favorite Memory
Spin The Kissing Wheel
Play Plinko
Shoot a basket for a Kiss
Hershey Kiss - Pull a Gold Kiss
Donations to your Favorite Charity
Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader Game?
Putt For a Kiss
Bean Bag Toss for A Kiss
Words of Wisdom Cards
Progressive Passion Kissing
Bride/Groom Trivia

Ramping Up To The Dance

Following the cocktail hour and dinner, it's usually time to ramp up to the feature dances, and then invite guests to the dance floor for open dancing. How many receptions have you been to where the dance floor was empty at the beginning and it took some time to get the crowd on the dance floor? It doesn't have to be this way, if your guests are engaged and involved from the beginning, they are far more likely to dance when it's time.
Here are some great transitional activities that work really well post dinner right before the first dances to help get your guests primed and ready to PARTY all night, and keep your dance floor full from the beginning to end!

Fun "Mission Impossible" Photo Race

On your mark, get set, go! As a couple, you will race around the room with your photographer getting a photo with every table, the guests love it because its get them on their feet & moving after the meal, & you'll love seeing all of the pictures following your BIG DAY!

"Wedding Party" Scavenger Hunt

This is our most requested activity that couples & guests continuously rave about, & it involved everyone not just the bridal party. Right before the VIP dances, we bring the bridal party up to the dance floor in chairs, the DJ will call out an item & they need to find it among the guests, the last bridal member left is the winner! So much FUN!

Got Kids Coming To Your Celebration?

Kids are wonderful, we love them! In fact, I've got four of my own, & believe me if left unattended for long periods of time, they can be a handful. Plan ahead, the parents will love you for it! Following dinner, we can take all of the kids, bring up to the dance floor and do about 15-20 minutes of kids interaction and fun, ending in a candy toss! I assure the parents will be happy they can have some conversation without the kids, and the kids can get some energy out, and plenty of sugar too!

Wow, That Was AMAZING The VIP Dances & Beyond

VIP Dances

A first dance between a bride & groom is so special & one of the most important elements in your day after the ceremony, followed by the father/daughter and mother/son dance.

If you are looking for ideas for any of these dances, your Sound Sensations Entertainment 1/1/MC is here to help & guide you. When it comes to the father/daughter and mother/son dances, we encourage you to ask them what they'd like. Bonus: They'll be touched you asked.

First Dance: Imagine coming out to the dance floor & as your song is starting to play, your voices come up in the background sharing "Your Love Story," How you met, the first date, the proposal, your first impressions of each other & what you love most about each other. Your guests can feel the emotional connection of your first dane with you, we'll create the magic during the planning stages. You'll get to keep a recorded copy forever.

Father/Daughter & Mother/Son Dances:
There is no better way to recognize two very important people in your lives, your parents, than with a custom edit. Imagine as you step out onto the dance floor with mom or dad, and as the music begins, your voice comes up behind the music sharing a message of thanks, or some of your childhood favorite memories, or what your dad or mom means to you. Your parents, your guests & you will feel that emotional connection as the song unfolds.

Your guests will say WOW, and your celebration will be taken to another level. Most of all, they will remember the moment forever, and have a copy of the custom edit forever!

Anniversary Dance

Honor all of the married couples with an anniversary dance, we'll invite all of themarried couples out to the dance floor & play a medley of slow songs by decades, at the end of the song, we'll have the longest married couple left on the dance floor, and ask them to give some marriage advice! As a bonus, you could give the throw bouquet to the longest married couple! They will be touched!

Bouquet/Garter Tosses

Some couples choose to have a bouquet/garter toss & some don't. We've got so many ideas and options that can incorporate both the singles as well as those who are married Everything we do is family appropriate. All it takes is a little creativity if you decide to incorporate this option into your day.

A Dance Party That Reflects You & Other Options

We are not cookie cutter, we listen to your musical
tastes & what's important to you for both must plays & do not plays during the reception dance. When
choosing music for the dance party, you should think about your guests and who you've invited. Hit a wide variety of ages, and music that will appeal to

We will share with you our specific method for
packing the dance floor with your guests from the
very beginning. One of the best questions to ask any company you are considering, "If I book you, how will you get all of my guests on the dance floor?"
Set Up a consultation with us, & we'll share with you how we do it!


We can help you make your venue pop with uplighting. The color possibilities are endless, and can match your wedding colors. In addition, you could have one color for cocktails, then change to a different color for the dinner, and then again for the reception. The possibilities are limitless!

Sound Sensations Entertainment can also create a
monogram with your "Name in Lights," either on the
dance floor or possibly even behind you above the head table!

Shows & Music Videos

Sound Sensations Entertainment can create a looping slide show of you growing up in pictures and/or video clips all set to music. We bring the technology to present it in a loop during your celebration typically during cocktails/dinner. We can also use our video screen for engaging trivia or bridal scrambles as added engagement for your guests. The possibilities are endless.

Music Videos (Optional)

Add additional excitement for your guests with music videos mixed into the dance party throughout the night! We only play appropriate videos. Some guests don't like dancing, give them a reason to stay with video. A great way to enhance an already amazing night!

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