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While I’ll bet you have been a guest at a number of wedding celebrations over the years, chances are you probably have never had to book entertainment for a celebration. Where do you begin? What do you ask besides, how much do you charge? We offer a very personalized, customized experience and approach to wedding entertainment. You may have very specific questions, or you may have no idea what questions you need to ask or where to start. That’s OK! I invite you to schedule a no-obligation personalized consultation with me. We offer a highly personalized approach to your entertainment experience.

STEP 1: Check Your Wedding Date Availability

Step 2: Schedule a personalized In-Person (Free Starbucks Coffee) or Phone Consult

An entertainment consultation comes with no obligation, no pressure and no hard sell sales pitch. SERIOUSLY! We’ll not only talk about you and your idea of the ideal wedding reception, you’ll be provided with helpful suggestions and expert advice that will make it easy for you to blow your guests away with an unforgettably fun wedding celebration. We truly care about the success and outcome of your day, you can’t see PASSION in an email.

In addition, following our meeting you will receive our Complimentary e-book “185 Creative FUN Ideas to Engage Your Guests” – where we break down and offer over a dozen Fun, creative ways to engage your guests for each element of your wedding celebration – from the beginning to the last dance!

Regardless of whether you choose Sound Sensations Entertainment or not, I guarantee you will leave our conversation with lots of fun ideas for a fun, engaging wedding entertainment experience!

Choose one of two ways to request your COMPLIMENTARY, no-obligation consultation today!

By Phone or Text: (920) 420-5929
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